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Not unless (a) it's already capable of decoding digital signals - or (b) you have a digital decoder box between the TV and the incoming aerial lead !

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Q: Will the casio 980 b tv still work after the switch to digital tv signal?
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Will the casio 980B tv still work after the switch to digital tv signal next February?

No, but that doesn't mean you have to toss it. Kipkay has an excellent video on YouTube detailing how to get a converter box to run portably, but it is still far bulkier than you may want it to be. Still, if you're willing to lug that thing around, go for it. It's not that heavy. Plus, if you're going to throw it out, at least give it to me...

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Would you use a analog multimeter to check the signal level of a digital circuit?

If its a very low frequency signal you might. A digital `signal` is still on and off voltages. If its too fast to see the meter changing then you need another method.

Do you still need a antenna using a digital converter box?

Yes, you will need an antenna to pick up the digital signal through the air.

Which circuit comes first analog or digital?

In terms of the history of the signal, it was the analog signal that came first. That doesn't mean that it can't still be used in conjunction with an analog signal in today's use.

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So they can charge more for the better video and sound. Greed.

Do you use only UHF signal for digital TV?

No, VHS freq's are still used (channels 2 thru 13)

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You already have digital cable so if you buy your own DVR and connect it will you still get your digital signal?

yes, just call cable company ,there is no extra charg to view the same channels,