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Q: Will soaking feet in perxide help with toenail fugus?
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How long is a toenail?

50 feet.

What words describes the smell of feet?

If they smell bad, the fugus-y, nasty, stinky, gross.

What treatment do I seek for toenail fungus?

Using tea tree oil and soaking it in vinegar is one of the many home remedies that you could use in treating toenail fungus. Three home remedies which already clinically proven for nail fungus treatments are tea tree oil, snakeroot leaf extract, and vicks vaporub.

Why do Guy's look at Girl's feet?

because there's something sexy about a girl with toenail polish and the curve of women'e feet are sexy

How do you get rid of inflammation in feet?

There can be several causes for inflammation of the feet. If they are just sore from walking or standing, they can be soothed by soaking them in a tub with some epsom salts and warm water. After soaking, dry and apply lotion and cotton socks.

How do yousop stinky feet?

Try soaking your feet in tea every night. I know it sounds silly, but I've heard it works.

Is soaking a noun?

Yes, soaking a verbal noun (a gerund), the present participle of the verb 'to soak'. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective. Example uses:Verbal noun: Give your garden a good soaking after planting.Verb: I'm soaking the beans before I cook them.Adjective: Let me help you with your soaking feet.

What is foot spa machine?

it is an electronic gadget used for soaking,bathing and massaging a feet during a foot spa

Is there any cure for sweaty feet?

Yes. Soaking your feet in vinegar, salt water and tea have all shown positive results in regards to sweaty feet. A doctor will be able to prescribe something for it as well.

Myboyfriend goes to work for 12 hours then comes home with his boots and his feet soaking wet all day What would you suggest he does to help keep his feet more dry?

He should take extra socks and change them as often as needed. He may need to wash or rinse his feet in between changes. He can also use moisture absorbing foot powders to help, but if his feet are soaking wet, that may not be enough.

Do horses grow out of their shoes?

Yes because their feet grow and they have to be trimmed and the shoes put back on their feet. The hoof grows all the time. therefore it has to be trimmed off just like a human toenail.

What is a pedicure and manicure?

A pedicure is a beauty treatment on the feet which usually consists of toenail shaping (filing), cuticle trimming, an exfoliation of the feet, massage and painting of the toenails. A manicure is basically the same, but on hands instead.