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If you're having a bad trip, going to bed is the best thing you can do.

But while on acid, you're not likely to be able to sleep until you come down, so sleep really isn't an option. Just lay in bed and tell yourself that you'll be okay and that whatever you might be seeing/hearing isn't real, and that it will go away in a couple of hours.

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Q: Will sleep help a bad acid trip?
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Is acid lsd bad for you if you know how to use it and never have a bad trip?

Physically, no, LSD is not bad for you. However, you can have a bad trip regardless of if you know how to use it or not and these trips may cause anxiety, depression, and flashbacks.

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It all depends on if your having a good or bad trip and the spiciness of said food. If its a good trip then it will just seem much hotter than usual. If its a bad trip than you will thnk your mouth is literally on fire!!

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