Will lt1 gen 2 heads fit on your 1980 block?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Will lt1 gen 2 heads fit on your 1980 block?
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Will lt1 gen 2 heads fit a 1984 block?

No thay will not fit. All different then the 84 engine.

Can you put 1994 350 heads and intake and throttle body on a 1998 vortec 350 block?

LT1 gen 2 to LS1 gen 3 no

Which engine does a ph8873 fit?

i know for a fact big block Chevy gen vi 454

Will 2001 LS1 heads fit on a 1997 5.7 engine?

NO the ls blocks are completely different than the old gen blocks

Will fifth gen Camaro rims fit a third gen Camaro?

I believe that the 5th gen 20'' rims will fit the 3rd gen Camaro. i know that they will fit the 4th gen so should fit the 3rd

Will a gen 1 front fit on a gen 2 Lincoln mark viii?

gen does fit on top of jacob To fit you will need to do extensive work.

Can you use gen2 heads on a gen1 Chevy motor?

GEN2 on GEN1 = NO, ( the gen 2 engine is not anything like the traditional small block) Carb type on FI = Yes

Can 94 LT1 350 heads fit on a 88 350 block and what intake should you use?

Not without A LOT of modification.Answeryea they will fit but you will have to switch over to the newer style valve covers because of different bolt patterns AnswerYes they'll fit, but like answer #1 some modifications. Two intake bolts are angled different, than the others. You'll also have to change valve covers. I have a set of LT1 heads with 202 160 valves, ported and polished and seven sixteen screw in studs and a hv1000 brodix intake and its fast. So it will work. also the heads have to be drilled for the water to flow through the intake. three holes alltogether(2holes drilled in between center exhaust ports below spark plugs on each head. Not mentioned above is the fact that the LT1 heads have to be welded in 4 places or water will flow into the intake valley on a gen 1 block. GMPP has a carb manifold with provisions for a distributor for a LT1 that I used on my LT1 head on Gen 1 conversion. I also drilled and tapped the front of the heads for water return.

Will seats from a second gen CRX fit a first gen CRX?

the seats are from a 1988-1991 Crx(2nd Gen) and i wanted to know if they would fit a older Crx 1984-1987(1st gen)

Does 2nd gen itouch screen fit on 3rd gen itouch?

Yes it does.

Will 3rd gen camaro rims fit 4th gen camaros?


Do seats from a third gen camaro fit in a fourth gen?

The seats in my third gen (88 iroc) came from a 4th gen. No modifications.