Will iodine kill ringworm

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Will iodine kill ringworm
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Can an antimicrobial solution kill ringworm?

Lysol will not kill ringworm according to Lysol.

What temperature kills ringworm?

You could not get your skin hot enough to kill the ringworm without burning yourself.

Can hydrogen peroxide kill ringworm?

H2O2 does not kill ringworm because the ringworm are usually a fungus infection and it is too deep in the epidermis to really penetrate the fungus. Thus Hydrogen Peroxide is not supposed to be used

Does ringworm kill people?

no of course not nobody has died from it

Can elimite kill ringworm?

No. In spite of its name, ringworm is a fungus, not a worm/parasite. The treatment is antifungal medication, not antihelminthic medication.

What happens when yeast mixes with iodine?

It is supposed that iodine can kill some yeasts.

Woke up with hives or bites that are in a circular pattern Any ideas?

Sounds like Ringworm. Get Tincture of Iodine at pharmacist.

Can ringwork kill you?

Ringworm won't kill you, but can start infections that could be deadly. Untreated ringworm can result in an acute infection that may produce running sores on the scalp or painful blisters on the feet.

Can iodine kill someone if they are allergic?


Why use iodine when preparing slide for viewing?

one disadvantage of using iodine to stain cells is that iodine will kill living cells.

Does triple antibiotic cream cure ringworm?

No, ringworm is a fungus not a bacteria. It needs to be treated with a fungicidal. In fact, there is a small chance using triple antibiotic cream may make it worse since antibiotic creams are usually made to kill bacteria only. If you kill all the bacteria in the area, it may kill the fungus's (ringworm) competition and allow it to flourish.

Can ringworm kill people?

yes it can, it will annihilate the human race ESPECIALLY KORAY