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Not sure I totally understand your question. Are you both the owner of the company (and the car), the car is titled to the company, but have the car insured as a private/non-business auto? What were the questions on the application? They ask about business use, if those weren't answered honestly there could be a problem. Or are you saying the company ou work for owns the car, but you have to carry insurance on it? Same question about the application would apply. Please be more specific and I'm sure I could be of more assistance.

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Q: Will insurance cover a total loss to a full coverage auto when the car is covered by a personal policy yet the car is titled to the owner's company?
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Is it lawfull for your vehicle insurance to charge you for what they have covered?

Yes, That's how it works. The insurance company sells you coverage in the form of an insurance policy and you pay a premium in exchange for that coverage. If you don't pay for the coverage then your not covered.

Does a company owned vehicle have to have commercial insurance?

It might. You should check with your personal auto insurance first. For some business use they will extend the coverage. If they tell you that it will not be covered under your personal policy then you need a commercial policy.

What is covered under RBC insurance?

RBC Insurance offers both Personal and Business Insurance. Options for Personal coverage are Home & Property, Auto, Life, Health and Travel Insurance. Options for Business coverage are Life, Health (Disability), Dental, and Credit Insurance.

Insurance for your artwork?

It is called a Personal Articles Policy or Rider depending on the company. You need to get your artwork appraised and then contact the company that provides your renters or homeowners insurance. Your artwork is covered in case of fire, etc under Coverage B of your normal homeowners or renter's policy, but a personal articles policy will allow for your artwork to be covered for all perils

Can motorcycle insurance be covered under your parent's car insurance?

No. The "standard" auto policy will not cover a two-vehicle unit. You can get motorcycle coverage with a company. Dairyland used to be one of the primary companies for motorcycle coverage. Check with an independent insurance agent that handles personal lines coverage. Most know the companies that would be suited to write the motorcycle coverage for you.

If you had your granddaughter car insured and she wrecked it is the car covered?

It depends on the type of insurance coverage. If it was Liability insurance only, and she caused the wreck, then it is not covered. If it was Collision coverage, and she caused the wreck, then it would be covered. If she didn't cause the wreck, I'd check with the insurance company of the person who did cause it.

How do you deal with an insurance company for a truck struck by lightning?

Lightning is covered under Comprehensive coverage, if the vehicle has that particular coverage on it at the time of the incident. If you have that coverage is place, file a claim with your insurance company, and you should be compensated for your loss, minus the deductible.

Is theft covered in most auto insurance policies?

Theft will be covered by most auto insurance policies as long as you have full coverage insurance. It will not be covered if you only have liability or basic coverage.

If you have full coverage insurance on your auto do you have to put a new teenage driver on your insurance or would this be automatically covered?

Yes, you have to ad them to your policy I would call the insurance company and offer the drivers licence number to ensure coverage. there is no sense in taking chances with today's insurance company's.

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.

How use dental insurance dental office?

Coverage for dental implants varies from one insurance company to another. Most of the insurance policies provide some coverage for the restorative procedure. You can ask your insurance provider if dental implants are covered or not.

What percentage of home contents does the insurance pay?

If this is a standard homeowner's policy, insurance companies typically cover between 50% and 75% of the Coverage A Dwelling. In other words, if your home is insured for $100,000 (Coverage A) and the insurance company provides an additional 70% for your personal property (Coverage C), then your contents are covered for up to $70,000. Renters and Condo owners must specify exactly how much coverage they want on their policy. *Note: Most policies use the following descriptions for their coverages- * Coverage A: Dwelling * Coverage B: Other Structures * Coverage C: Personal Property * Coverage D: Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses * Coverage E: Personal Liability * Coverage F: Medical Payments to Others