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gold plate isn't durable at all it depends how you look after it as well..., as the sweat on your finger damages the ring removing the colour and leaving a horrible black or green finger ive had many gold plated rings myself !!

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Q: Will gold plated rings last long?
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How is gold-plated jewelry cleaned?

you cant clean it !!!! gold plated jewelry doesn't last long because of the thin layer of gold

How long does gold plated jewelry last?

Approx 3 years for gold electroplating.

How many ways are there to tell the difference in gold and gold plated?

gold plated jewelry doesn't last long you will see fading in the color (sometimes changing black) & gold doesn't change colors .

Do gold plated cables operate more efficiently?

Silver doesn't last as long and provides a reistance reducing quality signals.. So yes Gold is better all around.

How long will Saturn's rings last?

We don't yet know how old saturn's rings. When we are able to figure it out we can find out how long they will last.

Why does gold jewelry last for so long?

Gold last for a long time because it is durable. Gold jewelry will last for a long time when it is made purely of gold.

How much is a gold plated dollar worth of george washington with long hair?

$1 or more.

A fire alarm rings 20 times It pauses for 1 second between rings Each ring is 3 seconds long How long does the ringing last?

the ring last 79 seconds

Was there a 1928 gold plated penny?

If you have a gold plated 1928 penny, chances are it was gold plated not very long ago. During the current popular trend in coin collecting, individuals are trying different gimmicks to add value to old coins, like gold plating them. You can find gold plated examples of the quarters for the 50 states. To a purist, gold plating actually takes away from the value of the coin. Collectors like to see coins that are in mint condition, like they just came from the mint, looking brand new, untouched and unchanged.

How long will gold last?

Not long, all over the world people buy and use gold

Are the silver gold plated jewellery pieces at DAR Jewellery in Coimbatore durable?

Yes, the silver gold plated jewellery pieces at DAR Jewellery in Coimbatore are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They undergo a special plating process that ensures the gold layer remains intact for a significant period of time. See more:darjewellery

Can i pawn a gold chain that says 417 and get cash?

Sure, a 417 stamp would indicate 10 karat gold. Any pawnshop in the country will buy your gold jewelry as long as they can verify that it is not plated.