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No, General Liability would cover others for whom you are financially liable. It is not possible under construct of law to be liable to ones self.

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Q: Will general liability insurance cover you if you get hurt?
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Will liability insurance cover if an employee is hurt on the job in Texas?

No. Your workers compensation coverage is what will cover a worker injured on the job. Your liability insurance is covers injury to your clients, customers, or other parties.

What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole proprietor educational services business?

Hi! You will need Errors and Omissions Insurance. This is basically a liability insurance policy that covers you, your employees and the company from claims of inadequate or negligent work. In addition to E&O insurance, you may also need general liability and commercial auto insurance. If you have a physical office and travel from location to location, general liability insurance will cover you in the event of a client or vendor being hurt while working on your job. A commercial auto policy will cover you if you are specifically using your vehicle for business purposes. Last but not least, if you are planning on having employees, you must also have worker's compensation insurance to limit your liability if an employee is hurt on the job. I hope this helps!

What are the main rules used by contractors general liability insurance?

Contractors general liability insurance is based on one of two things, total receipts or payroll and cost of subcontractors. Contractors general liability insurance covers a company if their employees get hurt on the job or cause damage to a property while working.

Does renters insurance cover medical bills if you get hurt by someone at your home?

No, Reners insurance generally covers liability if someone else gets hurt at your home, or due to your negligence

What type of insurance do you need for a cleaning forclosed homes?

Liability insurace (in case you damage something or hurt someone) and, if you have enough employees, Worker's Compensation insurance to cover your workers that get hurt on the job.

what exactly is commercial general liability?

Commercial general liability is a type of insurance that major companies use to insure their businesses. You would need this so if a client got hurt you would be covered for out of pocket expenses.

What type of insurance protects the therapist if they hurt the client?

public liability insurance

Does home owners insurance cover a person getting hurt on your property?

Yes, if you carry liability insurance on your homeowners policy and you are found liable for an injury to another while on it your insurance company would respond to a notice of loss.

Contractor Insurance Requirements?

For most business owners, one of the most significant recurring expenses they face is the cost of insurance.� Similar to many other business owners, contractors need to carry a few different types of insurance policies to ensure that they are compliant and stay covered. � � One form of insurance that they will need to carry is general liability insurance.� General liability insurance will cover a contractor in the event that something goes wrong when they are working on a project.� This could protect them from lawsuits filed from both their customers as well as current and former employees who are hurt on the job. � �����

If hurt in a house fire will home owners insurance cover the cost if an injury has been sustained?

That depends on who was hurt. Medical Payments coverage and possibly the Liability could apply to someone who was not a resident of the household.

What type of homeowner's insurance covers you if someone gets hurt in your home?


What's garage liability insurance and its coverage?

Your garage insurance should be covered by home owners insurance or renters insurance. I am not sure you would need liability insurance in a garage though, because no one else would be hurt in there.