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yes it will dont listen to anyone else who tells you differently because chances are they have never taken it or havent had it happen to them as it doesnt happen o everyone. it makes the hair fall out because a recent study has show that creatine helps raise the body's natural testosterone levels, and this increase in testosterone transforms into DHT which is the cause for hair loss. the study shown an 37% elevation in DHT which is huge.

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Q: Will creatine make you lose your hair?
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If a schnauzer has diabetes will he lose hair?

Well, Schnauzers don't shed, but they do tend to lose hair. Having diabetes Will make them weaker and lose more hair in an act of shedding, so yes.

Does autism make you lose your hair?

No, Autism doesn't make you lose your hair - how could it? Autism is a neurological variation, it's no more likely to cause hair loss than any other neurological variation.

Does creatine make you bruise easily?

Creatine is a liquid that helps to build muscle so no

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Seasonal shedding, disease, fighting, pulling hair to make a nest for offspring.

Can hair lose increase when you color your hair?

Yes it can because by colouring your hair you are damaging it, which will make it weaker and therefore easier to lose. If you colour your hair you should condition it with a hair mask at least once a week. (I suggest using Tressemme brand.)

What is the past tense of you lose your hair?

The past tense of "you lose your hair" is "you lost your hair."

Can creatine clean your system of THC?

Creatine does absolutely nothing to clean out your system. People use creatine for a drug test when they drink huge amounts of water to dilute their urine. However when you dilute, your creatine level drops to an abnormal state, and labs can detect this. People take creatine to make their creatine levels average when they dilute.

What happens when you are done taking creatine?

you begin to lose muscle weight.........all tht bloated muscle tht u got after taking creatine is mostly water, so when u stop u began to lose water and thus shrink ur muscle size..........

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In lower doses, like given for auto-immune issues, you can expect some thinning of the hair. In higher doses, you may lose hair.

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Yes, it is natural to lose hair.