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NO... You must put a 4L80E lock up converter back in it. If you don't you will have all kinds of trouble.

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Q: Will a torque converter from a THM 350 fit 4l80e trans?
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Will a torque converter from a THM 200-4R fit THM 350 trans?

Yes, so a torque converter simply fit thm 350 trans.

I have 1984 Chevy pick up with a 250 straight six upgrading to a 350 small cam v8 engine. the truck currently has a 700r4 trans. will this trans and torque converter work for the v8 up grade?

The trans will bolt directly to the 350,but you will need a new torque converter. I had a Nova with the same set-up because the guy who had it before me blew the original trans and replaced it with a 700r4 from a Camaro. The Nova now has a 350 with that trans, but like I said new torque converter. you dont have to buy a new torque converter just use the straight six fly wheel on your v8

What trans is in a 1992 silverado2500 4x4 with a 350 engine?


Why does your 81 Chevy 4x4 350 auto trans make a lurch and knock when it comes to a stop?

Possibly the lock-up torque converter solenoid is sticking. Disconnect the wire to the lockup converter.

Will a powerglide torque converter fit in a turbo 350?


Is a 4l60e torque converter the same as 350 turbo?


Will a 700r4 torque converter work in a turbo 350?


What is the best Torque converter for a Chevy 350?

The best torque converter is one that is custom built to suit the intended application.

Will a 700r4 torque converter run in a turbo 350?

No it will not. Because it is a lock-up converter and the 350 turbo is not set up for a lock-up converter.

How many qts does a 2002 f 350 diesel trans hold?

My Haynes manual says Automatic Transmission (capacity with torque converter drained) 17.7 quarts

You installed a new torque converter in a turbo 350 trans you did not put any oil in it will it fill itself by running and filling the transmission?

It might but keep a close eye on it.

Will a 350 torque converter fit a 400 transmission?