Will a toe nail grow back?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Will a toe nail grow back?
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Can toes grow back?

No toe could not grow back its impossible but a toe nail can grow back i think you have to wait 2 months for your toe nail to grow back

Your budgie lost his toe nail and the remains of his toe nail is black will his toe nail grow back?

def not

My toe was hurt and skin around and the nail were torn off will the nail grow back to normal?

yes. it probably will grow back to normal. =]

Can half toe nail still grow?

Yes they will still grow back =)....But it will take ages.

Do your own toe nail grow their own toe nail?

I don't think so

Will a toenail grow if it falls twice?

Yes, a toe nail can grow back if it falls off twice, but it depends on the damage done to the nail bed. It make take longer to grow back after falling off twice.

Can a nail grow back?

Yes, usually they do, as do fingernails. Although if there was significant trauma to the nail bed prior to the surgical removal, that may result in the nail not growing back, or not growing back normal. But if the nail is surgically removed due to non-traumatic causes (such as a nail fungus), then the nail almost always grows back with no problems.

You got bit by a cat can this cause my nails to start splitting and to loose a toenail?

You may loose your toe nail but I assure you that your toe nail will grow back because I have seen this before there is nothing to be afraid of. It will only just take a few weeks and it will be fine.

Will a nail that has been bitten off completely ever grow back?

When it happened to my big toe nail, I tried to keep a plaster on it to keep it in place, but I eventually lost the old nail. A new nail grew eventually to take the old nail's place.

Will your nail grow back?

Yes it will grow back unless you have had surgery to remove the nail bed.

I stubbed my toe and a big piece of my tonail came of and it's SUPER SHORT now. i want to know how to make it grow back fast. please give me some tip's. thanks?

Just let your nail grow, DO NOT CUT IT! Over time the nail bed will grow back so long as there is nail there. If it was in your finger I would say it would take around 2 months (depending on the size of the nail that's come off) but toe nails take wayy longer. If your nail gets very long, just cut off the tip until its a good size but never cut it so deep that its going into the area where you want your nail bed to grow.

Toe nail fungus?

Toenail fungus is caused by a group of fungus. Toe nail fungus causes disfiguration and discoloration of the nails. The affected nail becomes yellow or brown in colour. The nail could fall off or crumble easily. To prevent yourself from toe nail fungus keep your feet and nails clean. Wear cotton socks to absorb the moisture from your feet. Always keep your nails clean and trim them after they grow.