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Yes, you can. It is a $55 fee to transfer your life and health license from FL to TN. No testing necessary. I do not know about the property and casualty side.

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Q: Will a Florida Property and casualty or life license transfer to Tennessee?
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Where is Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company located?

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance is located in the United States in the state of Florida. The full address is 1110 W Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 3309.

How much does it cost to transfer license plates from Tennessee to Florida?


What are the types of Florida insurance licenses one can get?

There are many different types of insurance licenses one can get in the state of Florida. Some of these include property and casualty, title, warranty, and bail bond.

What auto insurance company in Florida has a policy number that starts with 55 PHJ?

Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford - It's a policy from The Hartford

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Can a CNA transfer from Tennessee to Florida?

I have been a CNA in TX, LA, KS, NB, nad NM. You can always transfer your CNA. The difference between states is whether they are recipriocity (a simple transfer of your certificate between states) or if you are required to re-test. Simply call the nursing board or the place you intend to work and they can tell you what the requirements are. PS...I was able to to transfer 4 of the 5 and only had to re-test in KS. GOOD LUCK

What is the closest Tennessee city to Florida?

The closest Tennessee city to Florida would be Chattanooga, TN.

Can an estate sell real estate in Florida or do the individual heirs have to sell it?

The executor has the ability to sell the property. It is subject to court approval. They can also transfer the property to the beneficiaries. In which case they can then sell it.

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Can the same financial institution transfer a lien on a house in Florida that I sold to a house that I bought in Georgia?

They have to have permission from the courts or judge to have a lien placed on the property. It won't automatically transfer to another house.

What is the difference between Allstate's Fire and Casualty vs Property and Casualty?

Allstate Property and Casualty is a closed book of auto business that Allstate has had in the past. No new customers can be added to that book. If you are coming to Allstate for the first time in Florida you are placed into Allstate Fire and Casualty. So technically is just sub companies under Allstate. Auto companies accept new customers in a book until they reach a certain size and close it, then they open a new one for new customers. It is supposed to help maintain rate stability.

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