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Q: Will Tonic Water keep you awake at night?
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Does orange keep you awake at night?

If you mean do oranges keep you awake at night, they shouldn't unless you have acid reflux. That could definitely keep you awake. If you mean the color...yeah, it keeps me awake cuz its so bright.

Will parakeets keep you awake at night?

not most

How can you stay awake at night when you are trying to revise?

Sit in cold water. Walk around with your books in your hands. Eat/drink lots of caffeine and sugar. Study with a friend to keep each other awake. DONT WAIT UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO STUDY!

How do you keep yourself awake?

Drink lots of water.

Is it a good idea to own a fox?

No it will keep you awake at night and may kill you

Why does corona beer keep you awake all night?

bcuz its bomb af

Does a shot of tequila keep you awake?

I'm a taxidermist. When I want to stay awake at night, I drink a couple of Margaritas. Works all the time.

How many cups of coffee can make you awake for the whole night?

It does not really make you stay up late unless you drink a lot!

Which animals and plants are able to keep awake for seven night?

One animal that can stay awake for seven nights is a dolphin. Dolphins can actually stay awake for two weeks before needing sleep.

How can you keep yourself awake?

You can stay awake by poring water on your face. or injecting a energy drink in your main artery in your leg. ( not recommended to do! )

Does Albuterol sulfate keep you awake?

Does albuterol keep you awake

Does cinnamon keep you awake?

It sure keeps ME awake. It actually is considered a stimulant, so I guess if youre real sensitive like I am, it can mess up your whole night.