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There was some worry that Mozzie may not return to White Collar after he was shot in season two, episode nine "Point Blank." His heart stopped, but he survived. As of November 2012, Mozzie is still a character on the show.

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Q: Will Mozzie return to White Collar?
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Who plays mozzie on white collar?

Willie Garson

On the season opener of White Collar didn't Mozzie die?

*****SPOILERS**** Mozzie's heart DID stop, but they were able to revive him and he survived. This all happens in the first minute of the episode.

Is White Collar's Mozzie really dead?

I know that someone saw Mozzie and Diana filming for season three, so it is most probable that he isn't dead. Also- Moz is a character that so many people love... The creators wouldn't want to disappoint audiences by killing Mozzie.

When will White Collar return?

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When does White Collar come out again?

White Collar will return from the season four mid-season break on January 22, 2013.

Did the TV series White Coller kill off Mozzie?


When does the new season of White Collar start?

White Collar will return for the second half of season four on January 22nd at 10pm EST on the USA Network.

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Is White Collar cancelled?

White Collar has not been cancelled. Right now it is on a mid-season break and the show will return for the second part of season four on January 22, 2013 on the USA Network.

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