Will Holden vn heads fit a Holden 308?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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yes! but you need to buy a camshaft to suit as they have a different firing order and you need a intake manifold to suit. dont worry about the 2 middle head bolts towards the valley, they dont have this on the vn heads

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Q: Will Holden vn heads fit a Holden 308?
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When was Holden VN Commodore created?

Holden VN Commodore was created in 1988.

Would a vn 5L heads fit a 350chevy small block?

no 5.7 will with small mod

What are Holden vn v8 heads in Chevrolet catalogs?

They are Holden 304 V8 injected motors fitted in Holden commodores 1988 -1997, a fairly powerfull compact motor developed and built in Australia, replaced by the 5.7 ls1

What year was the Holden VN Commodore released?

The Holden VN Commodore was released on 17 August 1988. This, and subsequent versions based their bodywork on the Opel Senator and Omega. The VN was also similarly based on the Opel Omega.

What can you do to a v6 3.8 vn Holden engine?

Nothing at alll!!! heeheheheheheheh evil laugh

What is the firing order for 1989 vn holden Calais?

1 5 3 6 2 4

Where can a person find images for a VN SS?

There is a website dedicated to the Holden VN SS Commodore car, called "vnssclub". Here, several images can be found, alongside further information about the vehicle.

Will vn commodore extractors fit on a vt?

im not sure. they r simalar but dnt knw if they fit.

Where is the fuel pump located on the 1989 vn Holden commodore executive?

Inside the fuel tank, you access it from the front side of the fuel tank

What high performance engines will fit into a Toyota hilux?

vn vr v6 comadore

How do you take the standard stereo of a vr commodore out?

Tutorial here

Where is the thermostat on a 3.8 v6 vn Holden motor?

Hi there I have a VN and had my radiator blow on it. If your looking at your radiator front on you you will notice a big black hose coming out of the radiator on the top. If you follow that back to the motor you will notice that it connects to a housing there. inside that houseing you will find the thermostat. Hope it helps