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The reason why your hair turns gray is because when you get older your "hair cells" don't reduce enough.Which kills the color of your hair.

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Q: Why your body hair getting grey?
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Is stress and gray hair related?

no if you are stressed it does not mean that you are going to get grey hair. but aging can. So if your getting older and your hair turning grey i suggest you die them.

What part of the body hair turns grey last?

the eyelashes

Why do people have gray hair?

Grey hair usually denotes a lack of the pigment melanin in the hair. As we age, the body often begins to produce less and less melanin. Some grey hair is caused by thyroid problems.

Does body hair turn grey?

Yes, it can, especially during old age.

What causes human body hair turn grey?

because when a person gets old and no longer can get a hard on! its gets a man so angry and stressed that the hair turns grey!

Why is there more gray hair on one side than the other?

Getting grey hair is purely biological. It happens to everyone eventually.

Is grey hair and white hair the same thing?

Gray and white hair are not the same thing. Gray hair is caused by getting older ir stress and white hair is a color.

Do red hair turn grey?

Hair turns gray when the pigment cells located at the roots of each indivdual hair die. Therefore, unless certain parts of red-haired-peoples body's are immortal, red hair does turn grey.

What is the sizecolorweightlive of a lion?

what is the size,color,life of a lion

How do you color blond hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

What makes hair grey?

Grey hair can be caused by old age or illness.

If you use gell will your hair go grey?

No, using Gel will not make your hair go grey. Grey hair is caused by your genetics (family history).