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Q: Why younger people hear better than older people?
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Why does young people hear better than older people?


Why can one group of people hear certain pitches of noise while others cant?

I heard that younger people can hear reallly high pitched noises but when you get older you cant anymore. deaf people cant hear anything

Do you have to be on Facebook to get a YoVille?

I hear that. She is younger than him, he is 8 years older than her.

Why adults cant hear if there is high picthed ringing sound whereas children can?

Adults, usually older than 30, cannot hear some of the frequencies that younger people can. It is usually a symptom of age.

What does the Mosquito Tone test do?

The Mosquito Tone test is a YouTube video that plays a sound that only younger, certain people can hear. If one is older, it is claimed that they cannot hear it. It's a novelty test of youth.

Why do i hear a high pitch noise that supposibly only i can hear?

The ringing could be a result of long term hearing damage or exposure to loud noises such as music at a party. However certain electronics make high pitch noises that not everyone is able to hear. People have different ranges of hearing. Usually younger people can hear higher pitch noises than older people can hear.

Why do people hear better underwater?

People hear better under water because there aren't as many sound particles in the water so u can hear everything better

Is it just me or do people hear the music in the car better than at home?

I hear it better in a car

Why do dogs hear better than people?

they are more keen and can hear the vibrations from the sound.

Why do people say it's better when a male marries a female younger than him?

An overall opinion can never replaced your own point of view, so it's what you think that matters. But people like to believe that for they think the younger she is the more offspring she can conceive and she is prone to the man and he would have total control on her, from my experience this is not true, you should hear my wife.

Can old people hear better than young people?

No. Older people, mostly those who would be classed as elderly, gradually experience a decline in their hearing levels. Over the years, the ears begin to get damaged from loud noises, physical knocks to the head and so on. A child with less of these would have better hearing. It has also been proven that youngsters can hear a certain frequency of sound that adults cannot. This has led to shops in the UK putting an "amplifier" outside their shop door which emits a small sound that only youngsters can hear - the purpose is to prevent youngsters from standing around outside the shop, putting off customers. The sound doesn't affect older people because they cannot hear it. So your answer is no.

When you turn your head?

People often turn their head to hear better or look at things better,