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Q: Why would type of insurance will pay for damage to your car or tp replace your car if it is declared a total loss?
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What type of insurance will pay for damage to your car or to replace your car if it is declared to be a total loss?

collision coverage

Why do you have to sell your vehicle to the insurance company if it is declared a total loss in the state of Alabama?


Will the Farmers Insurance Group total a car after 50 or 80 percent damage?

Most insurance agencies, including Farmers, will total a car with this amount of damage. It depends on where the damage is and if the engine and other expensive parts of the car have been compromised or totaled.

What do you do if it costs more to fix a wrecked automobile than the vehicle is worth?

If you have physical damage coverage on your policy and the cost to repair the vehicle is more than the value of the vehicle then the insurance company will total the vehicle. In the case of a total loss, the insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of the vehicle less any deductible you have. On all insurance policies, where you have physical damage coverage, the insurance company has the option to repair the vehicle, pay the actual cash value of the vehicle, or replace the vehicle. Companies never replace the vehicle.

Will insurance total a 2003 Toyota Tacoma if the frame is bent but there is no cosmetic damage?

How can you bend the frame without cosmetic damage? Did you run over something? Depending on your insurance coverages, if a vehicle has a bent frame and is no longer safe to drive, then an insurance compamy would usually total out a vehicle. Otherwise, they can pay to repair the vehicle.

How much hail damage needs to happen to siding to replace the entire house?

They won't replace the house but they may replace the siding.

How do you get the most money from your insurance co after your car is declared a total loss from a flood damage?

I concur "100%" with Insurance Plus, you are owed the ACV (actual cash value) of your vehicle prior to the loss. The 'most' money is that amount, and no more. you are to be put back in the position you were in, prior to the loss no less and no better. The "Most" Money you can get is what is considered "Fair" compensation for your loss.

When a vehicle is involved in an accident and declared a total loss does the insurance get to keep it?

Yes. In most states, you can then buy the car back from them at a salvaged price.

Will your car be covered if you are involved in a hit and run and all you have on the car is PLPD and the car is a total loss?

No, you only have insurance to protect you against claims for damage you caused to others. If you can't afford to replace the car, keep the comprehensive and collision coverage.

How does an insurance company determine if an auto is totaled?

Normally if the estimated damage is 75% of the value of the vehicle, it will be considered a total loss. The reason for this is that there may be hidden damage that only appears after the repairs are initiated. This varies, depending on your insurance carrier.

What happens when one declines insurance total as a result of hail damage?

Read your policy. In the case of damage the insurance company will at their option repair, replace, or pay you the actual cash value of the vehicle. It is the insurance companies option and they will do which ever option they deem will cost less to do. You do not have the option to decline totaling of the vehicle and the company does not have to do what you want no matter what it costs. Insurance companies never use the replace option. That leaves two options, repair or total and pay ACV. When the cost to repair exceeds 70-75% of the ACV then the company will opt to total the car because their are always unseen damages that come out when work starts. The insurance wants to make you happy and will often work with you if you nicely express your reasons for wanting to keep the car instead of totaling. I have seen cases where I as the agent worked with the insured and the adjuster and we were able to work out repairs keeping the client happy. The key is what percentage you are at as far as total loss. In a hail damage case you might be able to tell the adjuster you are willing to accept used parts or whatever it takes to get the costs down.

What are insurance guidelines for totalling a truck after accident?

If the repair cost is higher that the ACV (actual cash value) of the vehicle, then, the vehicle is declared total loss. That is pretty much the only guideline used by Insurance co.