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Q: Why would other doors open automatically when manually open driver door?
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How do you program the 2006 BMW 325 to automatically lock doors when driving?

you should go to your dealer to get it programmed.i don't think it will cost a penny While you could do that, the answer is on page 22 of the owner's manual, along with a number of other settings using the data access function (buttons one and two on the turn signal stalk.) I got my 2003 330xi to 'automatically lock the doors while driving' by opening the door manually with the key (stick the key in the driver's door and manually unlock it). After that, the doors will automaticlly lock when you go over ~10mph or so. If you unlock the door with your radio key (remotely by pushing the button) it won't work. Crazy, I know, but try it! Damon

Why would only 1 of the rear doors not lock manually or automatically while the other 3 operate normally on a 4dr 1991 Buick Park Ave?

There is something ewrong with the linkage. Take the trim panel off and see what is wrong.

Can you synchronize apps to your smartphone?

iPhones sync automatically every time you connect to iTunes. You must do it manually for any other phone.

Only driver's door will open automatically what do I do to make the other doors open automatically?

I think you are trying to say " unlock"? If so push the unlock button on your key fob a second time. That is a security feature, one push unlocks only the drivers door, that way nobody can gain access to your vehicle while you are trying to enter it.

What happens when the other driver admits fault but you have no insurnace?

Just because the other driver admitted fault does not automatically mean they will pay for your damage. Depending on where you are located you could be sued for damages and your license suspended.

Cannot unlock car doors remotely or manually. Does anyone have any suggestions?

try calling AAA or other insurance company they can usually help and then you can go to a mechanics shop

Is an empty tuna can renewable?

Steel cans can be recycled easily, but as they are magnetic can automatically be separated from garbage, so the user does not need to manually separate them like other recyclable metals.

What is the backdoor of an SUV called?

I'd call it the "back door" because we call the other 4 doors "side doors" with position located nomenclature, e.g. front passenger side door, back passenger side door or driver side door or back driver side door. Some vans have two back doors: left and right back doors .

How do you fix a window switch?

It varies depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle, and often varies depending on if it is the driver's door or the other doors.

The passenger side door lock has to be used manually all the other doors lock and unlock with the power 97' civic LX?

getting to the actuator is easy..... how to remove the rods attached to it is something else.....

The driver's power window is the only window working. Why?

sounds like one of the switches in one of the doors are bad they all run through each other

How do you open the trunk manually on a 2003 VW bug?

I have an 04, but the only way I know of is the switch on the driver's side door. The only other way would be the emergency release that is in the trunk.