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there are a few reasons why this can happen but the most likely is a problem with the slave cylinder

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Q: Why wont your 98 GMC 2500 5-speed manual tranny shift into gear?
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What outher manual transmissions will fit a 1994 ford ranger 4-cylinder 5speed?

Mazda b2300 b 2500

Is there a tranny shift sensor on a 2001 gmc savana 2500 because my engine is revving high before shifting any thoughts?

4l80e or 4l80-e is the tranny they use and they do have to of them, one is for the speedometer gauge and one tells it when to shift

In a 2500 4 wheel drive the truck will not go into 4 wheel drive?

Are you trying to shift it into 4 LOW?? If so, you have to be rolling 2-3MPH. Check your owners manual.

What tranny in hd 1997 k 2500 Chevy truck?

That would be the 4L80E transmission.

What tranny in hd 1997 k 2500 Chevy scotsman truck?

That would be the 4L80E transmission

How do you rebuild 1994 Chevy 2500 manual transmission?

Refer to your Chilton's manual.

Does 1999 dodge 2500 4x4 have a 46re tranny?

The V8 would have a 46re. A v10 or diesel would have a 47re.

Where is the filter on a ram 2500 diesel manual transmission 6 speed?

The 6 speed manual does not have a filter.

Do you change a filter when you change the tranny fluid on a 2003 2500 dodge automatic?

Yes, if you have the pan off change the filter.

2003 dodge ram 2500 series diesel Will not go in over drive what is the most common problem?

to keep it simple do a tranny pan drob and replace tranny filter, this may or may not correct the problem

Can you put a shift kit in a 89 Chevrolet 2500?

As long as its an automatic. You prolly have either the 700r4 or a th400. there are many shift kits for both

Where can Fuse diagram for 97 dodge van 2500?

in the ownwers manual