Why won't my general electric dryer heat up?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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make sure it is plugged in all of the way, also empty the lint filter. If that doesnt work then call the GE company.

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Q: Why won't my general electric dryer heat up?
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What to check first on a whirlpool duet gas dryer that wont heat up?

is the gas on? check the hot surface ignitor

Why Whirlpool duet electric dryer will run but wont heat?

There are two circuits in your dryer. One runs the motor, the other the heating element. Something in your heating element circuit is broken, and the most likely culprit is the element. To check it, unplug the dryer, take the back off, find the element, disconnect one of the two wires and put an ohmmeter across the two connections. If it reads infinity, change the element.

Why wont your central air start and your lights and electronics keep flickering?

It is very possible that you have lost 1 phase to your home. This means that one of the 120 volt lines ( you have 2) coming into your home is out. This could be at the meter or at the pole/ground transformer. Some of the appliances and lights in your home will work and some will not. An AC unit requires 240v to operate. So does and Electric dryer, heat pump, electric water heater, and some electric baseboard heat. You should call an electrician or your local electric company to have the issue fixed.

Why wont your Whirlpool electric dryer start?

Can be a number of reasons for this, and no way to even guess as you haven't given the model # and year. ALWAYS give these in 'appliance' questions. - A wild guess would be, possibly the belt is broken.

Why wont your Electric Clothes dryer turn on anymore?

Assuming your dryer blower does run, then you must have one of the phases dropping out. Check all electrical connections at the breaker or fuse box, dryer receptacle, and wiring going into the dryer. If your blower runs, then your neutral is probably okay. Check one of the "hot" leads. I suspect one has come loose, or wasn't fastened at all.

Why Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer not washing or spending?

check your electric supply. maybe you dont have the full 240v to the unit. if only one "phase" (120v) the dryer wont tumble and washer wont run. only the dryers heater uses the full 240. if only the washer is out after checking power, check the lid switch if its bad washer will only do what it would with lid open. These are the most common problems

I am trying to shrink my new power balance band. Will the dryer ruin its properties?

It wont shrink

What to do when your electric scooter wont charge?

Take it to a shop

Why wont the heat cycle on or off in my heat pump?

It's broken.

What do you call a material that wont carry an electric current?

An insulator

Something that wont let electric flow through it is an?


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my 94 explorer wont blow heat