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the problem is clearly that your driving an eclipse.. you shoud look into trading it in on a Honda

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Q: Why won't my Mitsubishi eclipse reverse won't go in gear?
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Why wont your 700r4 transmission shift into reverse?

the sunshell gear is stripped out

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse play burned cds?

Probably because the CD wasn't burned right

Can a 97 to 99 Mitsubishi eclipse bumper fit a 95-96 eclipse?

Yes it can. I own a 95 eclipse and have put a 97 front bumper on it. It is slightly lower to the ground but fits great! it wont fit my eclipse and its a 95

Why wont a vauxhall corsa R reg reverse when you want it to?

because vauxhauls in general has gear problems

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse start after the check engine light came on?

The computer doesn't allow to start the engine. Check the error code.

Auto transmission wont go into reverse?

There's probably something wrong with the reverse gear. Have it checked by a mechanic then see how much it would cost to repair it.

What does it mean when your car wont drive in reverse?

A car that won't move when in reverse could indicate a problem with the transmission. It could also indicate a problem in the gear selector.

Why wont your 1999 eclipse shift out of first gear?

Check transmission fluid level (auto) Change transmission fluid and filter (auto)

Why won't my 2001 silverado shift into reverse It shifts but the gear wont engage. Can also hear a humming sound coming from the tranny more so when its in reverse.?

put tranny fluid in it!

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS?

there wont be a tranny dipstick on any vehicle with a manual trans. due to the fact there is gear oil not trany fluid in the trans. but to check the l;evel or to change the gear oil there will be either on the bottom or side of the trans itself 2 plugs. one being a drain plug and the other being a fill/check plug.

Why does the turn signal light on your 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse keep blinking?

If it's just one way and it wont shut off then its probably just to turn signal switch.

Why wont auto transmission go into reverse on a 88 Mitsubishi galant?

The shift censor in this model may need replaced . There also may be a problem with the linkage in the transmission.