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There is currently a saving bug during Amethyet Mountain. The link in the sources / related links section explains it in-depth.

It is caused by dying in the stranger wolf territory. While your dead avatar remains in the social arena, which is normally an area in which players cannot save, you will not be able to save even after respawning and moving away from the area.

There is no way to get rid of this error other than restarting or reloading. The glitch will need to be patched by the developers.

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Q: Why won't Wolfquest save my game after I did the first mission?
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How do you save the game after you get a mate in wolfquest?

Trust me, you don't wanna save. Wives can be so bossy.

Why can't you save your game on wolfquest?

In single player you can but in multiplayer, you can't

How do you save you mission on wolfquest?

Click esc press save game if you didn't already do this, type in your username or whatever you want and press save. Next time you turn it on, press single player, amethyst mountain or slough creek and press the thing you typed from before.

What do i do if it doest let you save your game after you get a mate on wolfquest?

if you want to save game you press ESC then press SAVE GAME and write the file you want to name it and press LOAD! HOPE I HELPED YOU :) :) :) :)

What do yo do after you found a mate on WolfQuest?

Be sure to save your game. End the game, then Start it again. Slough Creek should then be an option for you to play in.

Where does wolfquest save screenshots?

Your documents.

How do you save wolfquest after getting a mate?

press esc then press save

On wolfquest what if one of your puppies die?

As long as one of your pups is alive, your game will continue. If all your pups die, then you will have to restart your game or load the latest save.

How do you create a family in WolfQuest?

first you find a mate and, and then you press: esc, then save, quit and then go to single payer go to slough creek and your game should that you saved in the place you found your mate should be there!

Why won't wolfquest save?

in single it will but in multiplayer it won't.

How you can save mission in hard truck game?

i dont know either

What do you do if you fail the remember my family mission on red dead redemption?

you save before you start the mission and if you die then you load the save game, just dont do anything major or impressive after you save so yu can retry the mission quickly