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because can give u infections and rashes

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Q: Why wearing dirty clothes is bad for your body?
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What are clean clothes?

Clothes that are not dirty or smell bad.

Dirty clothes in the new year is bad luck?

I have no idea but my mother always says it no dirty clothes when the new year comes in.

What is a raised red circle on your back that has grown in size in last 2 days?

It is probably a ring worm. You get them from eating undercooked or bad food or wearing dirty clothes. Go see a doctor because if it is a tapeworm it is contagious and can spread.

Is it bad to wear clothes over poison ivy?

No, wearing clothes while around poison ivy is recommended to avoid skin irritation.

Do you think school uniforms are good or bad?

They are both; They are good because they represent your school and bad because you want to wear your own clothes and show your own style of wearing your own fashioned clothes.

In ancient Assyria could you put to death having a bad haircut or wearing clothes that didn't match?


How do feet get bad?

Feet get bad without water in your body without lotion and without wearing socks.

Is wearing nike clothes to a club good or bad?

Depends on what exactly you're wearing, a tshirt or something is fine, but if you go in trackies and a hoodie that's just daggy.

1992 Saturn stalls?

dirty throttle body bad IAC sticking (worn or dirty) EGR valve something else

Walking up stairs?

Well... It is good for weight lossand building up cardio but it can be bad on the knees. So be careful check what shoes you are wearing, what clothes you are wearing, and basic stuff like that.

What happens when people start wearing your clothes on animal crossing wild world?

From what has happened to me, nothing happens. If you talk to the person who is wearingyour clothes they will eventually say something about the outfit. This will either be good or bad.

Why do clothes sometimes smell bad?

Clothes usually smell bad from the body odor of the wearer. If you have worked out in a particular clothing piece, it would be best to wash it rather than wear it again.