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Wilhelm II was a frequent visitor to Britain when he was young as lots of his relatives were members of the British royal family. His grandmother was Queen Victoria of Britain, his uncle was King Edward VII and his cousin was the future King George V.

Growing up he would have seen the richness of the British Empire and it was only natural to try to emulate this for his own country.

Germany did obtain an empire in Africa and the western Pacific but not as large as Wilhelm wanted. The Great Naval Race of the early 1900s was an extension of his need to do better than his relatives by trying to build more battleships than the British Royal Navy had.

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Because they colinised France

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Q: Why was the German kaiser jealous of Britain?
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Why was the kaiser jealous of Britain?

Yes The kaiser was jealous because of when he was a child h visited his relatives in England and saw the British navy. He decided that one day he would build a navy greater than that of Britain

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The British Empire was much bigger than the German one Britain won the war in the end Other personal reasons?

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Kaiser Wilhelm was jealous because the British empire was much larger than the German one. Also, the British had the best navy.

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He was jealous because Great Britains Empire was larger then that of Germany so he wanted the biggest empire. Also Great Britain had the best navy so Kaisar was jealous.

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