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The earliest Egyptians didn't have a word in their language for silver, only gold and electrum - an alloy of gold and silver found naturally. When silver was first introduced it was considered more valuable than gold, most likely because it was rarer. This may be verified because silver jewelry at the time was thinner and weighed less than comparable to gold jewelry. And silver items during the Old Kingdom of Egyptian rule were listed above gold items in household inventories.

In the middle Egyptian Kingdom gold was valued at about double that of silver. One of the first measurements of value was the silver shat. It was a flat round silver disk of a specific weight. It was not used as coinage per se but as a measurement of value. A cow was valued at 8 shats while a modest house was valued at 10 shats. One could exchange the house for the cow and demand an additional 2 shats of beer, bread, or other goods.

The Egyptians used silver by itself, in conjunction with gold, and as an overlay of copper. Solid silver coffins did appear but in most cases silver was used as a trimming or overlay.

Silver, as well as gold, jewelry in ancient Egypt was worn for decorative purposes and served a religious purpose. An amulet was thought to have spiritual powers that were bestowed on the person wearing it. An amulet is the representative symbol of a power fashioned into a concrete form, such as jewelry. For example: The beetle or scarab represented rebirth and was often worn by the deceased when they were entombed to help them in their journey to the afterlife.

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Q: Why was silver more valuable than gold in ancient Egypt?
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What was a valuable meatal in ancient Egypt only that?

it is metal and gold

What is special about the ancient Egypt's treasures?

the ancient treasure consists of valuable gold coins!gold Sculptures,gold jewels,the valuable things used by the pharohs...........etc

What did ancient Egypt export?

ancient egypt exported gold,silver,copper,papgrus & grain.

What is a valuable metal found in ancient Egypt?

One valuable metal found in ancient Egypt was gold. Egyptians considered gold to be the skin of the gods and associated it with immortality and eternity. They used gold extensively in religious rituals, jewelry, burial masks, and for decorating palaces and temples.

What are ancient Egypt popular colours?

Gold, Black, and maybe silver

What are all the treasure of ancient Egypt?

it was gold silver and lots more

What is a valuable metal in ancient Egypt called?

Gold was considered the most precious and valuable metal in ancient Egypt. It was highly sought after and was used for various purposes, including making jewelry, ornaments, and religious artifacts, as well as for gilding statues and decorations in temples and tombs.

What did ancient Egypt call money?

Ancient Egypt money was hedj [ close to money ] . They also paid buy trading giving something to get something or by gold silver and copper.

What type of things are mined in ancient Egypt?

Gold, silver, and precious stones were mined.

Which metal is more valuable gold or silver?

Gold is typically more valuable than silver due to its rarity and demand in jewelry and investment. Gold is often seen as a safer investment option compared to silver, which is more commonly used in industrial applications.

How where the houses constructed in ancient Egypt?

the houses where made of mud brick and the palace was made of pure Gold and Silver

What are chief treasures in ancient Egypt?

The chief treasures in ancient Egypt included gold and silver along with precious jewels. The Chief Treasurer was appointed by the king or Pharaoh to protect the royal treasures.