Why was Pontiac discontinued by General Motors?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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According to Wikicars, they said that the Pontiac was discontinued because On December 2, 2008, General Motors announced that it was considering eliminating numerous brands, including Pontiac, in order to appease Congress in the hope of receiving a 25 billion dollar bailout[

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Q: Why was Pontiac discontinued by General Motors?
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Who makes Pontiac cars?

The Pontiac brand was a division of General Motors. The brand was discontinued in 2009 due to financial woes, with all of the Pontiac dealers closing by 2010.

Why did GM stop making Pontiac Solstice?

General Motors discontinued the entire Pontiac nameplate a few years ago, in a "trimming down" of the corporation.

Are Pontiac's made by ford?

No , Pontiac was a division of General Motors ( GM )

Which company manufactured the G6 Pontiac?

The G6 Pontiac is a car produced by the manufacturer General Motors. General Motors are an American company and the G6 Pontiac was first manufactured in 2004.

Does Pontiac still make the Firebird?

No. General Motors, or to be more specific, the Pontiac division of General Motors ceased production of the Pontiac Firebird model in 2002. The Pontiac division itself became defunct in 2010.

What does Pontiac on a car mean?

It means that it was built by the Pontiac division of General Motors.

Who makes the firebird?

Pontiac, a division of General Motors

How can you tell a Chevy 350 from a Pontiac 350?

Both motors are made by General Motors and are the same.

Who was Ransom e old?

ranson e olds was the creator and the first president of the oldsmobile corperation GM(general motors) discontinued oldsmobile also along with hummer,pontiac,saturn,and saab

Does Pontiac owns Buick?

Pontiac and Buick are nameplates belonging to General Motors. And the Pontiac nameplate has been retired.

Do they still make car Aurora?

No, the Aurora was made by Oldsmobile, which was discontinued by General Motors.

What is some information on the GM Saturn?

GM Saturn is a company that is a subsidiary of General Motors. The company originally manufactured and sold cars but was discontinued by General Motors in 2010.