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unleded fuel

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Q: Why type of gas do you use for 1999 gmc sanoma?
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How hong does it take to relace a key switch in a 1993 GMC Sanoma?

It takes about one hour to relace a key switch in a 1993 GMC Sanoma.

What type of automatic transmission rebuild kit will you need for a 1997 GMC Sanoma?

u mean the gasket kit for the tranny ? 24236378

When was the Last year sanoma gmc small trucks was made?


How can I find out how to repair the air conditioner on a 1987 GMC Sanoma Pick up truck?

visit the dealer

Will 1998 GMC Sanoma wheels fit 1996 GMC Jimmy?

As long as they both have the same amount of lug nuts as well as the same thread pattern.

What type 02 sensor is on a 1999 gmc safari van 4.3?

You might not have to replace it. Make sure your gas cap is on to where it seals right.

1994 GMC sanoma 2.2 engine distributor wiring diagram?

where are the coil wires located, and where do they hook up

Where is the camshaft sensor located on a 1999 gmc savanah?

in the gas tank

Why does your GMC 1999 GMC pickup not start after you fill with gas?

You could have a clogged fuel line, bad gas or some other kind of problem, definitely with fuel.

Why does your gas gauge in your 1999 gmc jimmy not work when it gets low?

could be a fuse out

How many gallons of gas does a 1999 gmc jimmy 4x4 hold?


What type of gas does the gmc sierra Denali use?