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Because your body's natural defenses has beaten off whatever it was that made you sick w/o needing any help.

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Q: Why the fever is gone after a day or two without taking any medicine?
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Why is fever gone without drinking any medicine?

Its because of WBC or White Blood Cells kaira feleo))

How do you know you are over H1N1?

Check your temperature with a thermometer and if you can go 24 hours straight without a fever, then you are not considered contagious any more as long as you are not taking any fever reducing medicine. However, your symptoms, especially the cough, may not be gone until 2 weeks after the fever is gone. If it persists beyond that or worsens or your fever gets above 103 degrees F., contact your health care professional to find out if you need an exam.

Should you go to school if you had a fever till noon and your mum wants you to go?

Mothers usually know best and if I were you, I'd do as yours wants. As a rule of thumb, if you have an infection that causes a high fever of 101 or above, you should wait a minimum of 24 hours after the fever is gone (without taking fever-reducing medicine) before being in public, to be sure that you are no longer contagious.

When can your daughter go to school atfer swine flu?

The rule of thumb is that once she has gone a full 24 hours without a fever (without taking fever reducing medicine), she would be considered unable to pass the flu to others. Otherwise, it is a matter of how she feels. Check with the school first, because they may have their own criteria for determining when it is okay for kids with the flu to return to school.

How do you know if you have overcome the Swine Flu?

Once all your symptoms are gone, and then you have gone 24 hours fever-free without the use of acetaminophen or other fever reducers, you can be considered to be non-infectious.

Can you send your child back to school once his fever is gone?

Kids need to be without a fever for 24 hours before they can return back to school.

How can aspirin help you?

By taking this medicine, the pain youre feeling will be gone. Aspirin have chemicals in it which are pain killers..

Are you contagious if you are not running a fever?

At the beginning of a viral infection, like the cold and flu, you can be contagious while showing no symptoms at all for a day or even two. However, the rule of thumb is that after having a fever with the flu and then it subsides, once you have gone a full 24 hours after that without a fever (when taking no fever-reducing medicines), you are considered no longer contagious and can go back into public again.

How long to stay isolated if you have Swine Flu?

If your doctor has tested you positive for swine flu, he should be able to tell you.If you however suspect you have it, 3-5 days inside away from people until you are not contagious anymore. Same rule as when you have the normal flu.

Who was the person the had a fever and gone died?

In what?

Can adults take children's triaminic?

I am an adult and have been taking Triaminic since I was a child. Its effective and my cold symptoms are almost gone within 2 days of taking this medicine. Even my parents and my grandmother take this medicine because they find it effective too.

Why have your eyes gone red?

you might have fever