Why teeth is important?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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to prevent plaque build up,and also strengthen the enamel in the tooth.

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Q: Why teeth is important?
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Why are teeth and gums important?

teeth are important so you can chew food and gums hold your teeth in place.

Why is plaque on teeth important for teeth?

A lil bit of plaque on teeth is important because it makes it so you don't take the enamel off of them, which is very important for your teeth to have so they don't rot.

Why your teeth are important?

if you had no teeth you couldn't be able to eat

How often and when is it important to brush your teeth?

It's important to brush your teeth after every meal so there is no plaque buildup.

Why is it important to brush teeth?


Is it true or false that flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing your teeth?


Brushing your teeth is important?

yes it is, if you dont brush, your teeth becomes yellow and discolored and your teeth will begin to rot. my mom always told me that unless i want to have teeth, i better brush up. so yesss brushing is very important.

Are the teeth an important part of the respiratory system?

No, but the digestive system is ( Brittany gatcomb) :)

What teeth is more important in chewing and why?

the mollar

Why is tooth protection important?

protetion of teeth

What is one important factor that influences how an animal obtains its food?

you can tell by the teeth. Sharp teeth are for meat, flat teeth are for plants.

Why was it important to brush your teeth in the middle ages?

if you stop brushing your teeth. when you get old. you will have false chompers.