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Q: Why some peoples questioning a lot?
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Is Skyrim going to get multiplayer?

There is a lot of questioning about this, and the chances are that it will, but as DLC rather than an update.

Is scary?

It's scary for peoples that don't know how to use it. I know how to use it, I scared a lot of peoples with it.

What are some engineering jobs that start with Q?

questioning engineering

What are some English derivative of rogat?

Rogation meaning questioning

How peoples are dying daily in the world?

a lot thats for sure.

Where do you get the answers from I am questioning some of the sources?

I get mine from the school of hard knocks.

What effects on peoples lifestyle did World War 2 have after it had finished?

a lot

Does the shape of fruits affect peoples appetite?

eta a lot ,sleep

Did Cortes conquer the Aztecs?

He did but he had a lot of help from adjoining peoples who hated the Aztecs.

Did a lot of the Trail of Tears peoples die?

Yes, many of them died of sickness.

How did the automobile change peoples lives?

it made it a lot easier to go places it made it a lot easier to go places

How did oliver cromwell change peoples lives?

some people may say he changed it for the better and for the worst depends who you where and what your religion was but he was a much better ruler but a lot stricter