Why sleep with arms above head?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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You shouldn't its bad for your heart

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Q: Why sleep with arms above head?
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Why do you sleep with your arms over your head?

I think that I sleep with my arms over my head for two reasons. 1) It opens up the lungs more and I am an ex-smoker. 2) I am missing a lumber vertebrae. I have to sleep with a pillow under my knees. It seems to help my back to have my arms above my head. The drawback to sleeping this way is that I am having more and more shoulder pain in the part of the shoulder that is responsible for movement.

Maintain your health in social health?

Sleep patterns: What does it mean when you sleep flat on your back with your arms under your head?

What happens when you hold both arms above head?

someone tickles your armpits

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Can I Sleep in Your Arms was created on 1973-07-07.

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your arms its anything that protrudes off the body above the waste besides the head

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Yes they all sleep. Some sleep on a rock with their head above water while others sleep on the bottom of the sea. Like marine mammals they can hold their breath for hours.

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Overhead reach in gymnastics is when a gymnasts arms are straight above their head, arms in line with ears. The gymnast is either reaching for the bar above, or just reaching higher towards the ceiling in tumbling.

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