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Q: Why should you take care of your ears?
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How should you take care of your ears?

because if we do not care your ears your ears will be dirty

How to take care of your ears?

becase if we do not care your ears your ears will be dirty

Ways to take care of ears?

i will clean my ears every day

When should a kid get their ears pierced?

It all depends on when you feel that your child is resposible enough to take care of their ears. Believe it or not pierced ears is a big resposibility, they have to make sure that they turn their earings and clean their ears.

What are ways by which you can take care of you ears?

cut them off

Why do dogs ears need to stay wet?

Dogs ears should NOT stay wet. If your dog goes swimming or gets water in the ear any other way, you should take care to properly and thoroughly dry the ears. Otherwise infection will set in.

If your parents ask you why want to get your ears percied what should you say?

I think i am old enough and can take care of them... ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE UM

If a person has a keloid on his chest and his ears is pierced and are fine Is it possible for him to get a tattoo on his neck?

it should be fine, just take good care of it.

What if you have all the stuff for the ears at home already then which one should you give him?

If you have everything you need for your dog's ears at home, then you should go ahead and clean them out or take care of them. However, seeing a vet is always the best bet.

How old should a boy be to get his ears pirced?

Old enough to decide for himself and responsible enough to take care of them on his own without help.

Is antibiotic oinment good for cropped ears on dogs?

Antibiotic ointment is usually safe for dogs. On clipped ears you can use it if there is no infection or open wounds. If these are present, you should take them to the Vet to get proper care and medication.

How do you glue a Shelties ears?

You dont. Ears are cropped. They SHOULD be done by a vet. You can look at this website, it talks about the care, and how cropping is done.