Why should you maintain silk?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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If you ask me, I think you should maintain silk. Since they are made from silk worms, when they are extinct you're not going to get any more.

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Q: Why should you maintain silk?
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Why is artificial silk cheaper than pure silk?

Artificial silk is produced in mills with synthetic fibres. Original silk is produced by silk worms and it requires a lot of skill labour and time. They also have to take care of the worm, maintain its habitat and feed it.

Why the secrets of silk were so closely guarded?

Silk was - and still is - a very expensive material; controlling knowledge the process by which silk cloth is made allows you to be the only producer of silk and name your own price. Once it becomes common knowledge, anyone can make it and under-cut your price.

How can I tell if a silk scarf is of high quality?

A high quality silk scarf should feel incredibly smooth and silky. Silk is very delicate and there should be no imperfections in the fabric since it should be handled with care in the making. Price is often an indicator also pure silk will not cost $30.

When was the silk invented?

silk was not invented, it is a natural fibre from the cocoon of a Silk Worm. Your question should ask when silk was developed. Earliest examples found in China are from the period 3500BC

Why should you care about silk roads?

Why should you care about the Silk Trade Route?You should care about the silk trade route because it was a major part of trading. due to the fact of it being a major part , it helped historians understand their culture.

How often should I wash my silk bedspread?

You should wash all linen at least once a week. This holds true for silk bedspreads as well.

Why should you maintain your weight if you have hypertension?

we should maintain our weight if we have have hypertention by eating less

What type of nylons should I wear with a formal black silk dress?

Any thin nylon should go great with a long silk black dress.

What kind of dresses should not be worn in summer?


How do you clean a painted abyssal whip?

You have to use Karamja rum on silk and use the silk on the whip and it should clean off.

Where should you sell silk in Skullduggery Island?

anywhere on the map

What is Biosilk silk therapy good for?

Biosilk silk therapy is a product intended to treat and strengthen dried out hair. The product advertises its ability to hold in moisture within the hair, protect, and maintain hair and skin with vitamins B and E.