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Q: Why should you look at the consequences of your decisions?
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What is the relationship between decisions and consequences?

The difference between decisions and consequences is that decisions is when you make up your mind. And a consequence is the effect, result or outcome of something occuring earlier. It can be good or bad !

What are the consequences of a chairman?

'Consequences of chairman" are the prices we pay for bad behavior, lapses in judgement, bad decisions

What is the expansion of look before you leap?

The expression look before u leap means that someone should always look at a situation logically, and reason out beneficial ideas before taking decisions. That is, your decisions should be made out of a treated issue.

What is meant by negative short term consequences when making environmental decisions?

for example when you have an environmental problems you should be able to find a solution for that problem

What are tactical decisions?

Tactical decisions support the strategic decision of the organisation. They tend to be of medium significance with moderate consequences.

Term for decisions made by individuals regarding consequences?

Judgements or sentences..

What was king piye goal and what was his decisions and what were the consequences?

His goal was to invade egypt

What kind of consequences can happen when poor decisions are made?

bad ones

What are snap decisions?

Instant answers without thinking through the consequences.

Why do you have ethics?

Decisions about what to do (or what not to do) or what to be (or what not to be) are unavoidable. We all make decisions all day long. The only question is whether or not to examine your decisions seriously in an effort to improve them. Good decisions lead to good consequences, whereas bad decisions lead to bad consequences. The chief justification for thinking about ethics is that it is an attempt to make better decisions. Unless you think that your decisions will improve accidentally or automatically, it makes sense to examine them in an effort to improve them.

Does being a teenager excuse you from making big decisions in life?

No. Big decisions differ for people. Some people think some matters more important than others. What may be a trivial matter for one may be very important to someone else. The law protects you from many things and responsibilities but that does not mean you should take advantage of that fact. Teenagers should be starting to make their own decisions, however, they should also be accepting the consequences of those decisions.

What is the meaning of you made your bed - you lie in it?

It means: You must suffer the consequences of your own decisions and actions.