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so you live long stupid

It's not about the quantity or length of your life it's the quality! How you live will determine how you will die. Death is inevitable but you can either go in your sleep at 80 to 90yrs. if you live a healthy lifestyle OR you can and will die slowly and miserably in a hospital if abuse yourself with drugs and alcohol, are a "couch potato" and eat garbage.

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Q: Why should you live a healthy life style?
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What is the longest age you can live?

Well, it depends on the life style you're living. If you live a healthy life style, eating right and exercising, then you'll, most likely, live to be at least 100.

How do you prevent different respiratory diseases?

Live a healthy life style and avoid smoke.

Should you continue to damage the environment?

You can't live a full and healthy life without a healthy environment.

What are some tasty weight loss recipes?

Eating right with the whole family is a great way to live a healthy life! Look at for great recipes for a healthy life style. A plant based diet is also a great and delicious way to live healthy.

Can you live to 100 with ashtma?

If it is controlled it should not prevent a long and healthy life.

Is it very important to have an unbalanced diet?

you should have a balanced diet to live a healthy life

What is a life style?

The way you live your life!

When can you let your kitten out?

If you want your kitten to live a long and healthy life, you should not let them out unsupervised.

What three things should you do to help your bones and muscles healthy?

eat healthy well rested stay in shape laugh and just live and look at life the way that it should be

How do live a long life?

live happy and healthy

Who has a better life?

Well, nobody does have a perfect life. But if you live healthy and live your life like it is your last, then you can call it a 'Nice Life' to live.

How long a man can live?

If you live a healthy life, you can live up to 100!