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You should clean your room because if one of your friends came round by surprise you wouldn't want your dirtty clothes around the place and your friends would just laugh at you

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Q: Why should you keep your room clean?
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How do you keep your room organized?

You can keep your room organized if you use shelve and clean up regulary.

How can you keep your room clean when you hate cleaning?

If you get something out, make sure you put it back before you leave your room. That way, you never have to clean a lot, and your room stays clean.

Why is it important to keep the room clean orderly and pleasant?

One reason to keep a room clean is because of health. A dirty room is a place for germs. Another reason is because a clean and orderly room is more inviting to be in, and has a more soothing effect on a person.

Why should you keep the monitor's surface clean?

Why should you keep the monitor's surface clean

How should I keep my messy room clean with my messy sister pls help?

tell ur parents that she makes the room messy/ clean when she is not at home

Why should cabinets and doors within the Operating Room be recessed into the wall?

This will make more space in the room. less things tomaneuver around. Easier to keep clean.

Is it better to keep your guinea pigs in the same room as you?

As long as you keep the cage clean then, "Yes." Use Aspen chips. You should especially keep it in your room if you only have one, as they are social creatures. If you get two get a male and female, with the male fixed.

Give me a sentence for clean?

We should keep our home clean.

Should i clean my room before i go on vacation?

Of course. Coming home to a clean room is nice.

How do you keep our school premises clean?

as a responsible child i will clean my class room whenever it is dirty.

Why should you mess up your room?

You shouldn't you should clean it!

How do you make your room cute?

to make your room cute you need to either buy or make things that are your style and the theme of your room and also clean your room and keep it clean because usually rooms look so much better clean