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A clean bedroom is more relaxing, safer, and makes it easier to find things. It is also just more sanitary to have clean surfaces.

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Q: Why should you keep your bedroom clean?
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Why should you keep the monitor's surface clean

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What should you do with things you want to keep but want out of sight in your bedroom?

put it in your closet so people wont see it but it will be in your bedroom

How easy is it to keep black bedroom furniture clean?

Depending on the type of furniture the cleaning difficulty and range from medium to hard. If the furniture is laminated wood it will be fairly easy to keep clean. But is the furniture is stained it will be a lot more difficult to clean and maintain.

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For me its messy

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To keep it clean. If your bedroom is pretty messy; just start picking stuff up. Like if you have clothes, put clothes in a pile, C.D's in another pile. And so on. If you clean it good and once it starts getting messy again; clean it. It helps. Trust me.

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