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Q: Why should you avoid constantly passing?
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What should you do if someone seems to dislike you no matter how you treat them and is constantly criticizing you?

Avoid them and ignore them.

Either life is passing away or time is passing away?

Both statements are true. Life is constantly changing and moving forward, leading to a natural progression towards the end. Time also passes constantly, marking the passing of days, seasons, and ultimately our lives.

How can you avoid the friend zone with an Aquarius girl?

You need to be a bit more than a friend to her. You should be telling her constantly. Then she might not friend-zone her.

How do you avoid dandruf?

To avoid dandruff, the sufferer must cleanse his scalp constantly with anti-dandruff shampoo.

What three questions should you ask yourself before passing on a 2 lane highway to avoid a potential head - on collision?

The number of legs and body parts

Must you get in the left lane when passing a vehicle pulled over on a 4 lane road in North Carolina?

When safe and possible to do so, yes, you should get into the left lane. - this is a safer way of passing and should avoid an accident if the pulled over vehicle suddenly decides to pull out onto the roadway.

What injuries must a recovering leprosy patient avoid?

Lacking the sensation of pain in many cases, the patients should constantly check themselves to identify cuts and bruises.

Why do some people constantly avoid work to answer these questions?

To do good deeds to others

Why Do People Wear Mask?

Some to avoid getting an infection, some to avoid passing on an infection and at least once a year it is Halloween.

If you are alone in heavy expressway traffic at rush hour what lane should you use to avoid vehicles constantly entering and exiting your path?

This is purely an opinion question. It's like asking which supermarket checkout line you should choose. You can choose any traffic lane you wish so long as it is not a marked HOV lane.

How can you avoid constantly getting electrostatic shocks around the house?

i wouldn't wear socks.

Where is the apostrophe in-during your sisters passing?

It should be: during your sister's passing