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Q: Why should older adults monitor their intake of fluids?
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What is the major reason older adults should monitor their intake of fluids?

total body water decreases with age, and restoration of homeostasis is slower

What should be in a diabetic's diet book?

A diabetic must closely monitor their dietary intake. If they keep a diet book, it should contain reference tables of calorie and carbohydrate information, and space to record all intake.

Older children and adults who are lactose intolerant should adjust their diets based on what factors?

Older children and adults can adjust their intake of lactose depending on how much and what they can tolerate.

What fiber is recommended each day?

An adults daily dietary fiber intake should generally fall in the range of 20 to 35 g.

Why should someone monitor his or her average daily energy intake when attempting to maintain average body weight?

To see what keeps their weight constant and what changes their weight.

Is Ameba Pico for kids?

Many children do use it, however it has more adults than children on it. If you allow your children to use this game you should monitor them for safety.

Why do you keep getting cramp when I play football How can you stop this?

A cramp is the first sign of dehydration. You should increase your intake of fluids hours before you play and occasionally during play.

Can you have too much salt in your diet?

Yes you can and you don't have to put salt on your food to do it. Processed foods can be high in salt and not taste salty, always check the packaging. The sodium in salt helps to keep your body fluids at the right concentration but too much salt causes the volume of body fluids to increase and pushes up your blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in heart disease or stroke. The average daily intake of adults is about 9.5g salt (about 3.7g sodium). To reduce the risk to health the adult daily salt intake should be around 6g salt (2.5g sodium). The daily salt intake of young children varies depending on their age but babies should have less than 1g of salt a day.

Does monitoring my daily calorie intake affect my diet effectively?

If you want to lose weight you need to monitor and reduce your daily caloric intake. The following website should be a good source for the information you require: -

Will urine levels drop after you stop taking Valium?

The detectable trace elements of the drug will drop over time, but unless you stop your intake of fluids, the quantity of your output of urine should not.

What should one do if one has rotovirus?

If you are concerned about your health, or someone else, you should seek professional medical advise. Rotavirus causes diarrhea and is very common in children. Because of the symptoms you should make sure you intake plenty of fluids and again see a doctor!!!

To what extent should they be treated as adults?

to what extent should they be treated as adults