Why should not to smoke?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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No one Should smoke its unhealthy and nasty habit. Will eventually kill u or cause major damage reducing your life

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Q: Why should not to smoke?
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Why people should smoke?

People SHOULDN'T smoke. They just get addicted to it!!

Can you smoke after hepatitis a?

Best answer is that you should not smoke at all

Can you smoke if your a month pregnant?

You should never smoke when you are pregnant.

How old do you have to be to smoke a ciggarettte?

Well you should be 18 to smoke a cigarette

Should you smoke a joint?


Should I install smoke alarms in the new home I built?

Yes, of course you should install smoke alarms in the new home you are building. Smoke alarms should be in every home , old and new.

What is the example of sentence of should?

People should not smoke.

When can you smoke in Indonesia?

acctually you should be 17 years old. then you can smoke in Indonesia

Can you smoke a tea bag if you empty it into a rizla?

It is feasible, but you should not smoke anything

Why should you not smoke in a gas station?

once smoke touches gas it EXPLODES!

How long should you smoke a whole ham?

personally i smoke it for just over a week but others i know smoke it for weeks.

Should you smoke marijuana after a bypass?