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Q: Why should excessive jewelry be avoided?
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Should the students wear jewelry to school?

It depends on the school's dress code policy. If the school allows jewelry, students can wear it in moderation. However, excessive jewelry that poses a safety risk or disrupts the learning environment should be avoided.

Why should excessive supply of water be avoided in fields?


What Social interactions should be avoided in the workplace?

All should be avoided except talking.

Why should parallax errors be avoided?

parral error should be avoided cause it can cause a disaster

Playing sports at 5 months pregnant?

This could be safe or unsafe depending on the circumstances. Contact sports should be avoided. High intensity sports that can cause impact, excessive jarring, joulting or jumping around should be avoided as well. Light jogging, powerwalking, yoga, aerobics, golf, frisbee, and the like should be okay. Wii sports would also be acceptable!

Why should a large excess of activated carbon be avoided?

A large excess of activated carbon should be avoided because it can remove essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms from the environment. This can disrupt the balance of the ecosystem and harm living organisms that rely on those nutrients and microorganisms for survival. Excessive use of activated carbon can also lead to wastage and unnecessary costs.

What should be avoided?


What should be avoided in the workplace?

Several practices that should be avoided in the workplace:Unsafe practicesViolation of company policyBullyingIllegal activityFishing from the company pierHorseplaySleeping

What brands of shutters should be avoided when looking for longevity?

Any plastic shutters should be avoided in favor of wood ones.

What yoga exercises should be avoided if prone to retinal detachment?

what yoga exercise should be avoided if prone to retinal decatchment?

What type of jewelry should not be worn?

Jewelry that is uncomfortable or jewelry that you make have an allergic reaction to should not be worn.

Why should crunchy foods be avoided by those wearing braces?

Foods that are crunchy should be avoided to minimize the risk of breaking the appliance.