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Q: Why should a person maintain a good and satisfactory life?
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Why is warranty important?

Customer favour: It is important to get satisfactory product based on need Company Favour : For maximum sale of products in competitive environment and maintain the good reputation in market.

What is a good diet for a person with A positive blood type?

As someone with A positive blood type, you should try to maintain a vegetarian styled diet, avoiding red meats as much as possible. You should also try to maintain at least a moderate exercise routine.

Was does satisfactory mean?

alright, not perfect but good

Some points for men to maintain a good relationship?

take it slow at first and then when the other person really starts to like you than you should get more serious

Has the past been good bad satisfactory or otherwise for you and why?

past year has been satisfactory to me and nothing is pending from my side.

What is a good sentence for satisfactory?

The completed project was deemed satisfactory by the client and met all their expectations.

Does the body for life diet really work?

The best diet for a person is about there lift style and there overall health. Good diets are high in fiber and proteins. A person should also maintain a level of fitness.

What are words for happy?

A good word for happy is satisfactory,

In order to maintain good health humans should?

Exercise regularly

What should one eat in breakfast to maintain good health?


Something you should do that starts with the letter J?

You should Jog for exercise. You should Joke to maintain a good feeling.

What are some 5 sylable words that mean good?