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Q: Why should I consider minimizing my wake?
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Is there a life lesson in the book WAKE?

Yes. You should Wake UP

What kind of air conditioner should I put in a nursery?

Any air conditioner will do, but a quiet one is best. Consider GE's quiet air conditioner line, as they shouldn't wake infants.

Should you wake a sleepwalker?

no you shouldn't wake a sleep walker it can cause seisures or tempermental disorders

What are some pieces of bath furniture I should consider to make my basic bathroom more functional?

Incorporating pieces into a bathroom like a pedestal sink and Victorian tub, add simplicity to a bathroom by minimizing space – while providing a functional, yet elegant look.

What time should you wake up to hunt a fox?

You should wake up at around 3 a.m early in the morning when it has just taken its rest.

Why should you never wake sleepwalkers?

Because if you wake the sleep walker up they could go into shock.

If you go to sleep at 12A.M. what time should you wake up?

Well, the number of hours you should sleep is 9 hours. So you should wake up at 9:00 AM. :-D

In choosing a postsecondary institution a person should consider?

When planning for college, you should consider:

When should you wake your parents after a nightmare?

if you are a little kid

On the game the sims your sims doesn't want to wake up what should you do?

Well firstly select the sim that is asleep and click on him and there should be an option to wake up. Try that.

How would you punctuate the sentence the children were sleeping peacefully we decided not wake them?

It should be--- The children were sleeping peacefully; we decided not wake them.

What you should consider is your body fat?

You should consider your fat tissues as your body fat.