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This has to do with vehicle usage.

For most drivers, when employed we drive to the same familiar location regularly on our work days. Since we go there most every day, we know where all the school zones, stop lights and hazards are located along the way.

When unemployed. the presumption is that we may be driving more often than we would normally and we may drive to many different new and unfamiliar places on any given day because we are seeking a new job.

This can increase the risk that an accident will occur.

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Q: Why pay more on your car insurance when unemployed?
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I pay about $40 a month for my car. I have an older car and have never been in an accident. The more cars you have and the more luxury your car is the higher your insurance will be.

What exactly are car insurance rates?

Car insurance rates are the amount you have to pay each month. If you are a new driver, then your rates will be high. So you pay more. Contact your local agent for more info.

How much will a first time driver pay for car insurance?

Typically a first time driver will pay a significant amount more in car insurance. This can be anywhere from $200 to $300.

How do you get a used car when unemployed?

It does not matter whether you are employed or unemployed as long as you can pay your payment you should be able to get a used car. First Find the used car you like then work with them to get finance. Do not forget the your car will be a collateral until you pay off the loan.

Does humana one offer health insurance to those who are unemployed?

HumanaOne offers affordable individual health insurance plans that protect you and your family when you need health insurance and coverage most. They provide insurance for unemployed, however you should get a job since it will pay for the insurance.

Are California car insurance prices high for a sports car?

You will have to expect to pay more for car insurance for a sports car than a sedan. In California it is around the average for a sports car.

Where do you pay your car insurance?

To the insurance company.

Does cheap travel insurance offer the same protection as more expensive coverage?

With any insurance, you will pay for coverage. The more you add to a policy, the more the insurance company is going to cover. Think of it like car insurance. Do you want them to pay for your car accident or do you want to pay out of pocket? Do you want the higher monthly payment or the lower payment that can leave you stranded in an emergancy.

What happens if you have no insurance and you totaled your car?

you will have to pay a debt and GET CAR INSURANCE

What happens if a car hits a tree will insurance pay?

Yes your insurance will pay for it because if you have good insurance it will pay for it

What benefits do companies offer for students who need car insurance?

Some companies offer students loans to pay for car insurance. Of course, younger people have to pay more for car insurance than middle aged people, because of the concept of the reckless teen.

How much will you have to pay to get your car back if it was totaled and the insurance company refuses to pay?

The insurance company will pay you the worth of your car minus your deductible.