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Q: Why obtain temperature in the forehead?
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How do you bring down temperature?

Ice your forehead, it my sound strange but most of your core body temperature comes from your head, and one time my temperature was 100 degrees so I iced my forehead then my body temperature went to 97. Hope this helps.

What is the definition of forehead thermometer?

It is a thermometer used to tell body temperature by placing it on the forehead. It can be easier to use in the case of a child.

When do you have A temperature?

You usually have a temperature when your forehead, cheeks, and chest is hot or you can get a ummm..... I for got what it was called but I think it was a thermometer.

Why you cannot establish whether you are running high temperature by touching your own forehead?

What we measure by touching something is not an absolute temperature but merely a difference in temperatures and the difference is not noticeable when both hand and head belong to the same, high temperature person.

Do you get the accurate temperature reading from the forehead if it is wet?

If you are referring to using a surface thermometer, no.

What do forehead thermometers do?

The forehead thermometer is a disposable strip of plastic with liquid crystals embedded into the strip. To take a person's temperature, one places the strip against the person's forehead. The liquid crystals react with the temperature of the skin. After waiting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the brand, the crystals will change color. The thermometers have a number line that shows the temperature based on the color displayed.

What to do in case of high temperature?

Fever reducing meds and/or cold compress to back of neck or forehead.

Can you feel your own temperature with your hand?

Yes it is very possible to feel the temperature if you slightly place the backside of your hand to the center of the forehead you can then feel if it is a higher temperature than normal.

Accurate temperature with a gentle forehead scan Doctor recommended?

No (

What are the disadvantages of a forehead strip?

teir inaccuracy, which results in misreading of temperature can pose a threat to the health of the individual

Do you add a degree when take temperature on forehead?

No.The oral temperature (under the tongue) is a degree lower than central. The newer temporal artery thermometers also take a central temperature.

What is the average underarm temperature for a 5 year old?

A child's body temperature is the same as an adult's body temperature. A normal oral temperature is 98.6 degrees. Forehead or underarm temperature is normally one degree less because it is more exposed to the air which results in less than a core-body temperature, so a normal forehead or underarm temp can be around 97.6. Note: A high underarm temp should be re-checked orally to confirm a fever. For example, if a forehead or underarm temp is 100.8, the oral temp is likely 101.8. Rectal temp is sometimes preferred to give a more accurate reading.