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Some do it for status. they did it in the old days for lack of other durable malleable options.

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Q: Why must people have gold teeth?
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What happens to people with gold teeth or crowns?

In the book "Night" the people with gold teeth and golden crown, they were sent to a dentist and those gold items were removed

Where can photos of people with gold teeth be found online?

You can find photos of people with gold teeth from a number of different sources online. Stock photo sites like Getty Images have many pictures of people with gold teeth and are royalty free.

Why doesn't gong glom gold brush his teeth with gunpowder?

because he has gold teeth that are gold

When was Gold Teeth Thief created?

Gold Teeth Thief was created in 2001.

Do children get gold teeth if there adult tooth falls out?

Exactly a child will gold teeth after losing the adult teeth because that will be a strong teeth which will be useful for a long time.

What did the Nazis do with gold teeth?

Upon their arrival to the camps, the Nazis took all gold from the Jews, including golden teeth. The dental gold was melted down to make new teeth.

Why do they put resin on teeth?

they are gold or silver restorations in your teeth

How do you find gold teeth on Pokemon sapphire?

gold teeth is not something you can obtain in sapphire only in firered and leafgreen.

How much money can you get for gold teeth?

Gold teeth are not pure gold because it is such a soft metal...not much money in selling them--except to the dentist who put them in.

Why were teeth pulled out in the holocaust?

He didn't want the teeth themselves, but the gold fillings or solid gold teeth some of the dead had. They were melted down and 'put to good use'.

How do you tell if a gold item is gold plated or gold filling?

bag it agenst your teeth

Can you have gold teeth in the Army?