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Q: Why might more fluids be needed during illness?
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What is disadvantages of growing poplution?

If it has to do with poorer countries then it might be starvation, illness, or children might have to work inorder to get the needed food.

Why are seat belts needed in a car?

Because they prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle during a crash, which might be fatal.

What is critical illness insurance and why might someone need it?


How can you replenish both carbohydrates and fluids in your body?

water might be the best choice.

Give to examples of organisms wich might cause food poisoning or food borne illness?

Bacteria and viruses are two organisms which might cause food poisoning or food borne illness.

Why might schizophrenics be hospitalized?

To help them with there illness and to keep them from hurting themselves

Name a reason someone's voice might sound funny?

illness helium puberty drunk accent just woke

How might the addition of IV fluids stabilize blood pressure?

By giving IV fluids you increase the volume of fluid that the heart has to circulate thus increasing the blood pressure.

Why would you want to put fluids under pressure?

Because you might need to ...

Why might depression be called a hidden illness?

because depression is difficult to recognize

Why do i poop water?

Passing water is a form of diarrhea. You might not have enough fiber in your diet, or you might be sick. Drink plenty of fluids, because diarrhea can deprive you of fluids. If it persists, see your doctor.

Discuss How illness might affect a child's nutritional needs?

Children should avoid certain foods depending on the illness e.g. raw fruits and vegetables