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It is possible that the sunroof motor needs to be replaced if the sunroof is not closing automatically. It is also possible that the wiring needs to be replaced.

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Q: Why jaguar sunroof won't close automatically?
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Why wont my 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo Sunroof won't close?

2001 monte sunroof will not close completely , where is the problem and how can i fix it.

Sunroof wont close on 2002 vw passat?

there is a fuse for it check to see if it is blown

Why wont your sunroof close on your 2001 impala ls?

Blown fuse, glass off the track or the cable that runs from the sunroof motor to the glass has busted.

Why wont your sunroof close on your 1996 Nissan maxima?

it can be due to several reasons but it would be best if you take it to a repair shop to get it fixed.

How do you fix a moonroof on a Pontiac Sunfire?

be more specific it depends on what is wrong with your sunroof if the sunroof is cocked and wont close all the way the way to do it is to take off ur sunvisors first and drop the padding on the top of car by the switch to open and close the roof. you will need a star bit and take off the motor for the sunroof and drop it down it operates on a snake wire and sometimes gets of track. i pushed mine all the way back when the motor was dropped and then made sure that i made the motor indicate that it was all the way open. then put the motor back up and try to close it. this should fix the cocked problem

Why your power windows and sunroof wont work in your range rover 4.6 HSE?

need to replace your center console

Hyundai Santa Fe doors wont lock automatically during driving?


The central locking has stopped working on your 1994 BMW 520i this means that the windows and sunroof wont open and the rear doors wont open what could be wrong?

Check the fuse that controls central locks; replace if defective.

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1999 ford escort zx2 my sunroof does not work it wont open or close When i hit the button it doesnt even make a sound it does nothing How can i fix it And what Caused this problem?

well my 1998 Ford escort zx2 has a fuse under the grey plastic housing on the inside. If this is blown it will make no sound.

Brake lights wont shut off on your 1982 jaguar xj6?

Check the brake light switch adjustment.

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