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You get backaches, plus a hunchback when you're older, and good posture is a virtue. Good posture also promotes proper digestion, prevents premature spinal disc cmpression and you can talk and even sing better, 'cos it allows your lungs and diaphragm to work correctly.

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Q: Why it important for you to keep your back straight?
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Why is it important to keep your back and neck straight while performing a hamstring stretch?

Arching the neck and back puts stress on the spine.

Is doing the dead-lift and straight leg dead-lift bad for your back as you are always told to lift with your knees so you dont hurt your back also is doing squats bad for the back?

It is important when doing exercises such as deadlift or squat to always keep what is called a "neutral" back. This is when you arch your back. If you do this, you do not have to worry so much about bending your knees. Yes, the "experts" tell us to keep the torso straight up and bend the knees when lifting but the true secret is to keep a neutral back to avoid back injuries--it doesn't matter if you stay straight up or not as long as your back is arched back.

How do you sit when you meditate?

It depends on the technique. For Vipassana (watching the breath), sit cross legged, back straight, perhaps leaning against a wall. The important thing is to be comfortable (no need to punish your body!) But it is good to keep the back straight. Allow the muscles to relax, to melt.

How do you protect your head and spine?

Keep Ur back straight up and down

How do you heal your knee I bent it back by accident?

You keep it straight, and try bending it, like straight it out and then bend it in :) hope this helped

How do you work safely as a housekeeper handling weights and loads?

It is necessary to use safety precautions when lifting heavy weights as a housekeeper. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your back straight while lifting to reduce injury.

How do you improve your fitnes?

Exercise, keep your back straight, eat more protein, do sports.

How do you do a heel stretch?

Pull your tows back towards you (keep leg straight). You should feel a stretch on the back of your heel.

What do you need to keep in mind when sitting at a computer?

Depends, just make sure your back is straight, preventing a hunch back.

How can you keep your weight equal when horse-riding?

You can keep your weight equal on a horse if you stay straight, and don't bend your back, except when jumping, then you keep your heels down and arch your back. That's all you can do!.

Why it is important to keep a back up of your work?

In case you lose it :/

How do you get to garatinna in turn back cave?

To obtain GARATINA is to just keep going straight and soon you will find it.